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Transparency into North American and European power grids with real-time, proprietary monitoring data, price and congestion forecasts, and analytics software solutions

Over the past decade, Genscape has deployed thousands of patented proprietary energy monitors that deliver real-time information on power plant output levels, transmission flows, and frequency disruptions throughout the U.S. and Europe. The data is aggregated and available on a real-time dashboard for use by physical producers, traders, and energy buyers to support more informed production and trading decisions, and for use by in-house teams of experts for market analysis.  

Power market price analysis and forecasts 

United States

Genscape’s U.S. team of analysts and meteorologists use advanced, fundamentals-based analytics and historic data mining to create daily price and congestion forecasts that help clients make more informed buy/sell decisions to manage risk, minimize cost, and enhance profitability. At the core of this forecasting process is Genscape’s proprietary monitor data, where model forecasts are recalibrated every day to actual price outcomes and power plant and transmission flow levels. Through this recalibration process, Genscape analysts gain insight into the drivers of congestion and price.transmission rt interface

Via a web based interface, clients receive summaries of yesterday’s key market drivers, and forecasts of power demand, wind output levels, congestion calls, and hourly hub or zonal prices, and optimal buying and trading strategies. Clients include real time traders, virtual traders, asset optimizers, buyers of power, and term traders that want to understand what is happening in the daily markets. Genscape analysts are also on the phone and IM throughout the day helping clients tailor forecast results to their individual trading, buying, and asset optimization strategies.

The suite of U.S. Power Market Intelligence products covers PJM, MISO, NYISO, NEPOOL, ERCOT, CAISO, SPP, and WECC, forecasting the real-time, next-day, balance-of-week, next-week (PJM and MISO), and one year (WECC) markets.  


epsi dashboard

Genscape’s EPSI Platform is a web hosted platform focused on insight development using market intelligence and fundamentals based scenario analysis tools. This platform integrates high quality fundamental data with powerful market scenario analysis tools. It also integrates information sets that can be used in modeling from other service providers. With easy to use scenario analysis capabilities, users can explore customized power market views, whether looking at day-ahead or longer-term strategic decisions spanning decades. Armed with integrated high quality fundamental data and a powerful, easy-to-use platform, users are able to better understand supply and demand fundamentals to seize opportunities and manage risk. 

The EPSI platform can be used by traders to better balance intraday, day-ahead, and week-ahead portfolios. It can similarly be used to identify location and time arbitrage spreads and explore sensitivities to potential changes in the market. Utility management and strategy departments can use it to produce long-term forecasts for budgeting, planning, and strategy purposes or to evaluate investment decisions or support mergers and acquisitions. Banks and financial clients can use it to make decisions about project finance or for advising clients on mergers and acquisitions transactions.  

Manage risk, minimize cost, and enhance profitability 

Genscape’s power market data and analytics serve a wide range of market participants including: physical and financial traders, congestion and virtual traders, asset optimizers, market analysts, risk analysts, and transmission operators at institutions such as: banks, hedge funds, retail energy providers, generation owners, utilities, industrials, regulators, and government entities. Clients utilize Genscape’s power services to improve risk management, reduce costs, enhance profitability, optimize assets, and manage trading positions.

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"Genscape’s WECC Term product is something I look at every morning. It is a one-stop shop to give me a fundamental picture of what is driving prices and where the risks are."
Mike Bradshaw, Chelan County PUD
"Genscape’s PowerBuyer® is easy to use and consistently identifies low-risk opportunities. It is helping us to reduce our costs. I wish I had this years ago!"
Martin Downey, Senior Vice President, TriEagle Energy (Retailer)