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Seize opportunities and manage risks across the Western Power Market

Optimize power systems, reduce costs, and minimize risk

WECC Detailed Power PricesDeveloped as a fundamentals-driven model capable of serving the needs of short term trading, mid-term portfolio planning, and long-term investment decisions, EPSI is perfectly suited for the needs of western market participants. Utilizing the EPSI platform allows for the seamless integration of public and proprietary data sources for daily model runs, which is critical in any modeling platform. Furthermore, its fast and flexible nature allows for an assortment of scenario analyses to be executed in a matter of minutes.As a supplier, purchaser or marketer in WECC, your mission is to optimize your power system, reduce costs, and minimize risk. To help customers achieve these goals, Genscape’s WECC Term service leverages a proprietary optimization-based dispatch model, the EPSI Platform, with high quality input data and a dedicated team of power market analysts.

The results from the daily EPSI model runs are displayed via a web-based reporting platform, which allows customers to view as much or as little data as needed. Customers have the option of viewing the power system in its entirety, looking at aggregate supply and demand, or drill into a more granular trading hub view. Additionally, the data is available via a .csv file, allowing customers to integrate model output into their daily process.



Delivery: Online dashboard

Frequency: Daily

Locations: WECC power region

Subscribe: Call 866 292 8060

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The WECC Term features:​​

  • Daily forward price curves for the nine major WECC pricing hubs
  • Report delivery via an online dynamic reporting platform and data availability via .csv files
  • Weekly scenario reports focusing on the most relevant fundamental driver and an analysis on implications to the market
  • Quarterly “state of the market” calls providing Genscape’s detailed forward view of the market, highlighting important opportunities and risks
  • Customized scenario runs driven by EPSI, offering the flexibility to explore a wide range of power market views
  • Access to proprietary load, wind, solar, and hydro models which serve as model inputs
  • Cutting edge optimization-based modeling capability with full hourly resolution and unit commitment done with blazingly-fast execution
  • Experienced team of analysts and meteorologists provide market commentary and risk analysis

What do I received as a WECC Term client?

  • Early morning IM blast summarizing market moving fundamentals and Genscape’s recommendations on trading opportunities
  • Historic time series data on intertie flows, unit outages, water supply, and more are available via .csv files in customized email delivery
  • Hourly, daily, monthly, and quarterly  power price and heat rate forecasts for nine WECC pricing hubs with comparisons to current forward market prices
  • Direct, real-time access to Genscape’s experienced analysts and meteorologists
WECC On and Off Peak Loadings


"Genscape’s WECC Term product is something I look at every morning. It is a one-stop shop to give me a fundamental picture of what is driving prices and where the risks are."
Mike Bradshaw, Chelan County PUD
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 Benefits of the WECC Term include:​

  • Gain a comprehensive view of the fundamental market drivers, providing actionable intelligence Understand how changes to fundamental drivers impact forward markets to get a handle on the magnitude of risk or maximize opportunities
  • Receive personalized phone calls with analyst team addressing questions specific to your company’s operations with availability throughout the day via instant messaging or follow up calls
  • Access a platform which has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users including marketers, traders, analysts and executives

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