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Gain a comprehensive daily view and insight into operations, pricing, and supply and demand fundamentals within the U.S. Gulf Coast ethylene market

Make more efficient daily supply optimization, operations, and pricing decisions

With ongoing volatility, high potential for outages, and the shift toward feedstock, it's essential for market participants to have clarity around the complex ethylene market. Producers, traders, and analysts are constantly inundated with data and must make efficient daily decisions related to supply optimization, operations, and pricing.

Gain a high-level, daily overview of U.S. Gulf Coast ethylene cracker operations and olefins/NGLs market trends at the market open. This new daily publication combines Genscape monitoring of ethylene cracker operations with pricing content and market intelligence from PetroChem Wire (PCW).

This daily report provides market participants with a deep and concise summary of the current state of U.S. Gulf Coast ethylene production and its impact on upstream and downstream spot markets.


Delivery: Daily e-mailed PDF

Frequency: Daily

Locations: United States

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Features of the USGC Morning PetroChem Update:

  • A comprehensive review of the previous day’s ethylene cracker operational news, sourced from Genscape’s real-time monitoring of U.S. Gulf Coast petrochemical plants and PetroChem Wire market coverage
  • Pricing markers for olefins, natural gas liquids, and ethylene cash costs from PetroChem Wire
  • Market intelligence from PetroChem Wire explaining the impact of ethylene cracker operations on spot olefins markets
  • Comprehensive data on U.S. Gulf Coast ethylene cracker operational status and maximum operating rates at the unit, state, and regional level
Infrared monitoring captures real-time operations data of ethylene crackers
Gain Insight into Challenges Faced by Ethylene Market

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Benefits of the USGC Morning PetroChem Update:

  • Gain a high-level, daily overview of U.S. Gulf Coast ethylene cracker operations and olefins/NGLs market trends at the market open
  • Understand the current state of U.S. Gulf Coast ethylene production and its impact on upstream and downstream spot markets
  • Make more efficient daily decisions related to supply optimization, operations, and pricing
Gain Insight into Challenges Faced by Ethylene Market

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Click here to download a sample of the USGC Morning PetroChem Update.

USGC Morning PetroChem Update Report Sample

Gain Insight into Challenges Faced by Ethylene Market