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Unprecedented insight into critical crude oil pipeline flows traversing the Canada-United States border

Leverage key-insight on critical pipeline flows with real-time updates including major events, outages, inventory impacts, and the flow trends of major pipelines

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Using its proprietary monitoring technology and industry expertise, Genscape offers an unprecedented view into critical pipeline flows between the U.S. and Canada. Market participants can use the data to gain insight into U.S. crude imports by pipeline from Canada, as well as crude flows from the U.S. By providing transparency in this area, Genscape has altered the trading landscape, offering market participants an unmatched platform for use in trading and hedging strategies.

Genscape's Canadian Pipeline Daily Update report includes pipeline flow updates every half hour, as well as PDF reports on the previous day's events. You'll be the first to know about major events, such as unplanned outages and medium- to long-term flow trends on key pipelines, including on Enbridge's Mainline, the main artery for Canadian pipeline flows into the U.S, and TransCanada's Keystone pipeline.


Delivery: Alerts (Email, SMS, or through your ICE IM platform), PDF reports, Genscape’s Oil Intelligence Dashboard

Frequency: Real-time, daily (9:30 am ET), weekly (Mondays, 9:00 am ET)

Locations: North America

Subscribe: Call + 1 866 292 8060


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Genscape's Canadian Pipeline Service clients receive: 

  • Daily Canadian Pipeline PDF report, emailed at 9:30 AM ET, providing summary information of the previous day's events
  • Status alerts sent via email and SMS notifying you of critical pipeline events, including shutdowns and restarts
  • Pipeline Intelligence reports sent via email as events on the ground warrant an update. Reports include expert commentary, timely status updates, and supplementary images
  • Half-hourly updates in Genscape's pipeline flow dashboard on critical pipelines crossing the Canada-U.S. border
  • Up to two years of pipeline history on each pipeline included in the Canadian pipeline product (full history available upon request, where applicable)
  • Option to download pipeline data on multiple levels of granularity: half-hourly, daily, weekly and monthly
  • Historical regulatory data on monitored and unmonitored pipelines
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Benefits of the Canadian Pipeline Service:

  • Calculate implied inventory impacts to key crude oil storage facilities connected to Canadian pipeline corridors
  • Identify operational supply chain effects and refinery operational changes by knowing in advance of the market where and when crude flows are slowing, picking up, or halted all together
  • Capitalize on market moving alerts notifying you of significant pipeline activity
  • Use Genscape's granular data to feed into your models
  • Feed internal models with Genscape and regulatory data for more thorough market analysis
  • Access to real-time alerts on significant pipelines events through Genscape or your existing ICE IM platform
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