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Gain unrivaled insight into the Louisiana Gulf Coast crude supply chain with an exclusive look at supply & demand fundamentals every Tuesday at 10AM ET

Leverage highly accurate crude oil inventory levels, inbound rail deliveries, waterborne movements, and outbound pipeline flows to make informed business decisions

Genscape's Louisiana Gulf Coast Crude report is the first report in the market to publish weekly storage data, including both tank and cavern storage, for the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP), allowing previously unavailable insight into the nation’s largest privately-owned crude oil storage facility. Already the principal distributor of crude oil in Louisiana, LOOP’s prominence in the market has expanded since the commencement of its export operations in February 2018.

Louisiana Gulf Coast

The St. James storage hub provides connectivity between LOOP imports and domestic grades to more than 2.6mn bpd of Gulf Coast and approximately 2.25mn bpd of Mid Con refining capacity. St. James serves as the quality measurement point for Louisiana Light Sweet (LLS), a low-viscosity, low-sulfur crude blend, making St. James inventory data useful in determining supply and demand changes impacting LLS.

Access to accurate and timely data at LOOP, St. James, and nine other storage facilities is crucial to understanding market conditions. With Genscape’s Louisiana Gulf Coast Crude report, customers will gain vital knowledge of regional supply and demand by utilizing the domestic waterborne, outbound pipeline, and inbound rail transportation data alongside the crude oil inventory and capacity data.



Delivery: Datafeed

Frequency: Weekly

Locations: North America

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Features of the Louisiana Gulf Coast Crude Report:​​​

LOOP Caverns

  • Weekly inventory and capacity data for:
    • LOOP Caverns
    • LOOP Tank Terminal
    • St. James Storage Hub
    • Marathon Garyville Refinery
    • Valero St. Charles Refinery
    • Valero Meraux Refinery
    • Shell Convent Refinery
    • Shell Norco Refinery
    • PBF Chalmette Refinery
    • Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery
    • Houma Pipeline Terminal
    • Empire-Ostrica Terminal
  • Weekly average pipeline flows, including:
    • Capline movements from St. James to Collierville, then from
    • Collierville, TN, to the Patoka, IL, storage hub and Valero’s Memphis Refinery
  • Weekly rail deliveries at the Plains All American and NuStar St. James unloading terminals
  • Waterborne deliveries to Louisiana ports
  • Access to data via Gencape’s Oil Intelligence dashboard, download, and weekly PDF report
  • Intelligence reports delivered as-needed with storage trend updates and analysis, including construction of physical infrastructure and notable changes in inventory levels

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Benefits of the Louisiana Gulf Coast Crude Report:​​​​

  • Discover pivotal Louisiana Gulf Coast crude storage activity before other investors, who wait an additional day for aggregate, governmental estimates
  • Receive tank-level data at LOOP and St. James, the trading hub for multiple crude contracts, including LOOP sour storage, planned LOOP sweet crude storage, and Louisiana light sweet crude
  • Gain insight into rail arbitrage opportunities with weekly rail deliver actuals at St. James
  • Track movements on Capline as they leave St. James and arrive at either Patoka, IL, or Memphis, TN
  • Watch the impacts of weekly inventory movements at St. James as this key supply hub brings waterborne access to a variety of crudes
  • Understand inventory trends between area storage terminals and refineries
  • Stay up-to-date on infrastructure build-outs through exclusive intelligence reports from our analyst team

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