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Forward supply & demand outlook for the entire East region

Important insights into forecasted fluctuations into supply & demand, pipeline flows & storage

Genscape Natural Gas Regional Forward S&D Report

First of its kind, this product incorporates a forward supply and demand outlook for the entire EIA East Region along with key gas basis/pipeline systems within the East, including Algonquin, Dominion, and Transco Zones 5 & 6. Genscape highlights dynamics that are important to Eastern gas markets at both the regional and system levels in one cohesive report. These dynamics include forecasted fluctuations in supply and demand, pipeline flows, and storage. Expected pipeline flows can be compared to pipeline capacity to indicate potential shifts in basis price paradigms.

The Regional Forward S&D follows the same methodology and process as the existing macro Forward S&D product. Genscape incorporates the impact of weekly forward price curves into its supply and demand models and assumes normal weather. Weekly projections are dynamic and will change in response to shifts in price as well as other model changes like expectations for renewable generation, exports, and infrastructure. Genscape runs its supply and demand models separately and does not artificially solve for “acceptable” end of season storage.

The system level forecasts are modeled independently from the regions where they reside, but are consistent in message with the regional forecasts. Systems are selected based upon key gas trading hubs. Production on the system level shares sentiment with Genscape expectations, and our market-leading Infrastructure team provides valuable data and insight for incorporating new and expanded meter capacities and compression which have long-term impacts on balances. Where it applies, system level end of season storage is forecasted.


Delivery: Email with PDF report

Frequency: Weekly

Locations: U.S.

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Gain key insights into natural gas production, demand, exports & infrastructure in the East

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Features of the Natural Gas Regional Forward Supply & Demand Report:

  • Forward looking snapshot of the EIA East Region as well as three key systems: Dominion, Transco, Algonquin
  • Three distinct levels of analysis applicable to anyone curious about the EIA East
  • Regional forecast broken down into system specific components across the main eastern sub-regions: New England, Mid Atlantic, Southeast
  • Commentary to highlight key drivers in the outlook
  • Running list of impactful power plants coming online or retiring

Benefits of the Natural Gas Regional Forward Supply & Demand Report:

  • Understand balances and year-over-year changes for individual systems with liquid trading hubs (Dom East, AGT, Transco Zone 6)
  • Quickly see shifts in balance on a regional, sub regional, or system level for daily activity
  • Data component allows for integration into in house models


The only gas production forecast that provides weekly updates & detailed production forecasts for over 50 regions in the Lower 48 & Canada

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Click here to download a sample of the Natural Gas Regional Forward Supply & Demand Report

Natural Gas Regional Forward S&D Report: East


Anticipate long-term market impacts and trends with forward-looking supply & demand balances