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Get the most accurate gas production forecasts in the market

The only gas production forecast that provides weekly updates and detailed production forecasts for over 50 regions in the Lower 48 and Canada

Spring Rock Production, a Genscape company, is a leading provider of natural gas and crude oil production forecasts in North America. This report, developed by Spring Rock, uses regional natural gas and crude oil prices – in combination with well economics – to provide the best and most accurate gas production forecasts in the market. Production Forecast reports are designed with both the trader and analyst in mind, with traders getting expert summaries and assumptions and analysts receiving the granular data in Excel format behind the forecasts. 

This dynamic forecast utilizes the most up-to-date available data from state level sources, pipe data, price data, deferred gas well inventories, rig counts, and infrastructure impacts to inform the model, resulting in the best possible tool to inform trading strategies.

Natural Gas Production Forecast Graphs


Delivery: Emailed PDFs & Excel files


  • Every 6 Weeks: Forecast commentary for rig and production in the US & Canada
  • Monday Mornings: Weekly rig breakout report
  • Mondays: Weekly price change report with production forecast update
  • Mondays: Weekly pipe flow analysis report tracking real-time production actualized versus original forecast

Locations: North America

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This unique service delivers:

  • Natural Gas Production Forecast Lower 48

    Forecast Commentary - Every 6 Weeks

    • Rig and production forecast commentary covers U.S. and Canada
    • Detailed discussion of inputs and assumptions by region
    • Excel data file
  • Weekly Rig Breakout Report - Monday Morning
    • Summary of rig activity
    • Comparison of Rig Data source to Baker Hughes
  • Weekly Price Change Report - Monday
    • Production forecast update
    • Shows gas and crude price movements over the prior week (gas and oil rig counts are forecasted based on regional gas prices and WTI, and are based on regional economics)
    • Incorporates the latest oil and gas rig actualizations
    • Excel data file
  • Weekly Pipe Flow Analysis Report - Monday
    • Tracks where real-time production is actualizing versus the original forecast
    • Updated commentary on assumptions with regards to production in each region and how forecasts may adjust going forward
    • Excel data file with daily production by region sent out twice per week, with historical data included back to 2006


NatGas Production Forecast Trial

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What sets Genscape's Natural Gas Production Forecasts apart: 

  • Forecasts integrate forward gas and oil prices as well as rig counts and well economics, allowing prevailing market conditions and price signals to inform the models
  • Pipeline flow data ensures gas forecasts are calibrated accurately and provide timely signals of changes in production levels
  • Main report and Excel file broken down into 53 regions and specific sub-regions (wet vs. dry vs. actual) allowing for unparalleled insight and applicability
  • Unlimited, real-time access to the forecast team

Natural Gas Production Forecast Regional Production

NatGas Production Forecast Trial