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A holistic approach to the ethanol supply chain delivers unprecedented market transparency 

Gain timely and accurate insight into the state of U.S. ethanol inventory and production

Equipped with current inventory levels at a key U.S. storage hubs, and visibility into the operational status of individual plants, market participants can gain a more complete understanding of the U.S. ethanol supply chain to make more informed and strategic decisions. Using proprietary monitoring technology, Genscape provides weekly measurements of inventory levels at U.S. Gulf Coast, New York Harbor, and Chicago ahead of EIA reports. Genscape also provides a daily ethanol production monitor report based on production indicators such as natural gas nominations. 

Additionally, feedstock forecasting services provide an online dashboard and in-season reporting to help corn buyers assess availability, manage supply chain risk, and identify regions to be impacted by above or below average yields. Patented capabilities deliver highly accurate yield and harvested acreage forecasts alongside local pricing analysis. 

Proprietary U.S. fertilizer production and transportation data offers unprecedented market insights 

The Fertilizer Production and Transportation Report provides a U.S. Ammonia Index

Using a combination of facility utility usage information, proprietary monitoring, and industry leading AIS and satellite based vessel tracking, Genscape’s fertilizer supply chain monitoring provides timely and accurate insight into fertilizer production and transportation in the U.S

Fertilizer production data can be used by producers, traders, and commodity analysts to determine ammonia supply and anticipate price movements for individual finished fertilizer products. Additionally, the data is used to inform equity market participants regarding producers’ asset utilization.

Genscape's agriculture and biofuels services meet a range of needs for biofuel producers, obligated parties, marketers, and traders. For more details, or to request an expert consultation, please click here