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With Offices Across the Globe, the Opportunities are Endless


Marketing Operations Analyst

Louisville or Boston

Market Intelligence

Power Market Analyst

Boston Office

Natural Gas

Senior Analyst, Natural Gas

Boulder Office, Houston Office,


Oil Market Analyst

Louisville Office



Best Places to Work: Genscape
Gordon Institute Candidates Develop Leadership & Technical Experience
Take a step into our office and learn more about our people, insights, and company culture.

Navigating the Global Energy & Commodity Markets with Genscape

Genscape Data and Intelligence

A nimble, innovation-minded company, Genscape thrives on increasing transparency across global commodity and energy markets.

Top Talent at Genscape


See the teamwork, vision, passion & enthusiasm our employees have in working together to increase market efficiency & transparency in global energy commodity markets.

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Entrepreneurial. High Growth. Collaborative.

Genscape is a lively and collaborative team of diversely talented individuals

Genscape is team-based and high quality. Employees are valued as an important asset critical to the company's future success. Employees are encouraged to develop their skills, expand their learning, and tap their creative abilities.

Our focus is on innovation and every employee is a hands-on contributor. We support our employees by providing excellent benefits that promote fitness, well-being, and continuous improvement. We pride ourselves on frequently communicating our company strategy and performance at numerous events each month - and sometimes to simply have fun together.

Best Places to Work: Genscape

DMGT Supports Employee Career Growth

As a proud member of DMGT's family, Genscape is excited to be involved in a portfolio of growing information services/technology business that continue to provide existing opportunities

DMGT continues to encourage and facilitate employee collaboration and communication across a variety of forums, networks, and events. Watch their new employee video “STRENGTH

DMGT makes it a mission to prioritize the motivation and development of their employees in order to spark their interest and drive. Watch their new employee video “PASSION

DMGT uniquely offer employees the opportunity to shape their own careers. Watch their new employee video “OPPORTUNITY

"Genscape has provided me engaging work, a clear path for advancement, and truly impressive colleagues – a combination that I’ve found to be a rarity in today’s job market."

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International Opportunities in High Growth Environments

Genscape has established several offices within the U.S. and Europe to offer the best services to our clients and to diversify product development. Growth within each of these locations, and in possible expansion offices, is expected. Currently, more than 30 employees work remotely in the U.S. and more than 20 work remotely overseas. 

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Robust Benefits for a Talented Workforce

At Genscape we appreciate the efforts put forth by our employees and are committed to providing them, and their families, with the resources to stay energized and tapped into their potential.  We strive to offer robust benefits and perks to our employees around the world, while creating a work environment that inspires continuous innovation.

*Amenities/benefits vary by location

Health and Wellness at Genscape

   Health and Wellness

Genscape’s health programs support overall employee well-being and encourage smart and sustainable healthcare decisions.

  • Medical benefits
  • Healthcare savings and flexible spending accounts
  • Dental benefits
  • Vision benefits
  • Supplemental health
  • Employee assistance program (EAP)
  • On-site workout facilities & fitness classes
  • Wellness/fitness center reimbursements

Health and Wellness at Genscape


Genscape programs address the long-term financial needs of employees and help them plan for the future. 

  • U.S. 401(k) retirement savings plan
  • European, country-specific pension plans
  • Basic and voluntary life Insurance
  • Homeowner’s and auto quote benefits

Health and Wellness at Genscape

   Career Potential 

Genscape’s success hinges on the passionate and talented people who work here. We believe in the potential of our employees and take pride in nurturing and supporting their personal and professional development.  

  • Internal and external training and development
  • Generous tuition reimbursement
  • Leadership development
  • Career development planning

Health and Wellness at Genscape

   Work Hard, Play Hard 

Genscape provides employees with opportunities to connect with fellow colleagues in and out of the office.  From free weekly lunches, to golf tournaments, to happy hours, to yoga classes, we encourage employees to have fun while meeting people from across the company.  There’s rarely a dull moment, and although we work really hard, we play hard and often.

Health and Wellness at Genscape


Genscape recognizes that an employee’s life reaches far beyond their work.  Benefits that support employee interests and maintain optimal work/life balance are key.

  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Paid holidays
  • Flexible hours
  • Paternity & Maternity Leave
  • Bereavement
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term disability
  • Charitable contributions matching program
  • Commuter benefits
  • Casual dress
  • Discount rates for a variety of retailers and services
Best Places to Work: Genscape
Gordon Institute Candidates Develop Leadership & Technical Experience
Take a step into our office and learn more about our people, insights, and company culture.

“As an intern, I quickly learned about Genscape’s cutting-edge approach. I became knowledgeable of their hands-on methods while assisting the team in day-to-day maintenance of the data, quality checks, and new additions to existing natural gas products.“

Top Talent at Genscape


See the teamwork, vision, passion & enthusiasm our employees have in working together to increase market efficiency & transparency in global energy commodity markets.

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Think Globally, Act Locally

As an international company, Genscape is committed to a long-term plan for corporate social responsibility. From greening our offices to supporting our local communities, having a positive impact on the world around us is a priority.  

Global Restore & Response

   Global Restore & Response

  • Disaster recovery projects based on global needs (company-wide, team-wide, and individual efforts)
  • Individual office outreach initiatives based on employee input (shelter volunteer, habitat for humanity, etc.)

Health and Wellness at Genscape

   Green Globe Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

  • Office recycling, cell phone and ink disposal, energy conservation
  • Green office design
  • Carpooling/transportation
  • Double sided printing
  • Farmer’s Market partnerships
  • Office-specific initiatives

Health and Wellness at Genscape

   Global Giving

  • Charitable Match Program
  • Triple Impact (additional match program specifically for disaster recover initiatives)
  • Charitable Event Sponsorships

Health and Wellness at Genscape


  • Individual Impact
  • Office/Team Impact
  • Participation in DMGT Champion Awards
"I'm excited to come to work every day to be part of an organization with such robust energy for new ideas and innovation!"

Christy Hartman, Controller

Take a step into our office and learn more about our people, insights, and company culture.

Learn Why Genscape is Seeking Data Scientists to Transform Data into Real-Time Insights

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Take a step into our office and learn more about our people, insights, and company culture.
See how the R&D team at Genscape oversees research, development & deployment of new sensors to Genscape's global sensor network

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